iPhone x: 3 Things You Can Never Find On Iphone x But Will On iPhone 8+

iphone x features

Apple has really made it huge especially after the lunch of 2 beautiful smartphones named iPhone 8 ($699) and iPhone 8+ ($799). Aside from 8 and 8+. apple also made another product with a handful of features that were previously lacking in any of the old models and this made the iPhone x one of the most expensive devices ever made by the company.

Well, iPhone x may be all that expensive, but as you know, in real life, you can be taller than i am but you can never be shorter than me. With that line, i would like to make a list of 3 things iPhone 8 can do that will never be possible with iPhone x.

These are described below.

1. iPhone x Will never Have Gold Option: Previously, we could say one of the things that made a difference between iPhone devices is the color.

With that said, i am glad to announce to you that while iPhone 8 and 8+ would come in silver, space gray and gold, iPhone X will only come in Space Gray and Silver.

2. iPhone X Wont Fit Into Your Old Case: I know those with other devices would want to reserve the case for the new ones, but this is only possible if you're getting any of the iPhone 8 devices. If You still want to use your old case for iPhone x, think again because  iPhone x cant fit into your old case.

3. No Touch ID Feature: This is one thing that brought biometric security into the android world, but iphone has gone beyond that now. While touch ID may be present in iPhone 8 and 8+, i am definitely going to announce to you that for your Almighty iPhone x, there wont be a touch ID.

Why Isn't there a touch ID on iPhone X?
The device is designed in such a way that its display extends from the top of the phone to the bottom edge making avialable only a tiny Nidge at the house of all sennsors. This also means there wont be a home button.

Instead of Touch ID, Users will unlock their device and authenticate Apple Wallet Purchases Using a New Feature called Face ID

Touch ID is still available on iPhone 8 and 8+, so if you loved it so much, you can remain with any of those 2 and enjoy always.

Well, this is all about the 3 things iphone 8 could do that isn't possible with iphone x, i hope you enjoyed that.

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