Play Station 4 Price Cut Will Shock You Out

Play Station 4 price
This would definitely mean a lot to those who has been waiting for a drop in prices in order to get a console for their kids especially as play station has suddenly decided to cut down on the price of a P.S 4 console.

The price cuts is as a result of the fact the the most anticipated Uncharted 4 is not coming out till next year #2016 and so #PlayStation has Nothing to offer in the competitive market.

However, in its battle with Microsoft and Xbox One, the company does have one more fallback to stay competitive: price-cuts.
After it dropped the price for the PlayStation 4 to $350 in the US, Sony is now doing the same for the rest of the world.

new price of playstation

play station 4 price cuts

From today, the 500GB model will now cost $349.99 across Europe and £299.99 in the UK. Additionally, the console will drop to $479.99 in Australia, $569.95 in New Zealand, and AED 1399 in the United Arab Emirates.

This is a great cut especially when a whopping $100 is removed from the actual cost of a console.

Now is the best time to buy a play station for Damien at a very reduced cost, shoppers are advised to visit and make their orders!

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