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Why Students Join Secret Cults in Universities

As a Nigerian, it hurts to sit around a corner and watch as the police or soldiers kick around some young boys into the Hilux (patrol van) and take them to a place 'only God knows where' and they never return.

Sometimes i see young boys and girls bathed with different cut marks on their head, shoulder, neck even in the hands all because they must have engaged in a gang fight or a fight in the street all because they believe they have a special kind of power or a group of fellow youths that will fight for them even if they were beaten at first.

I was in university of Benin (Benin city) one day, it was the last semester for the session and the final paper for most final year students. suddenly came  a guy, looking so unsettled because as he walked out of the school gate, his eyes and neck were turning from left to right.

suddenly, two other guys came from the back, another two from the front and they attacked this young man and all that followed was a pool of blood on the floor. people didnt even try to help because they were all running for their own safety. i was later told that he is a member of a notorious cult Group, that he just paid his price (i was so scared for days cos i have come to see death with my own eyes) 

When i saw these things, i found myself asking questions like:-

1 Why do students join secret cults on campus?

2 How are they deceived into it?

The following points highlighted below are the key reasons why students join secret cults in the universities or polytechnics, even in secondary schools or high schools and how they are deceived into these secret societies.


1. They are often unable to say NO to invitations to "join" or to "belong"
2. They fail to make the right choice of friends (keeping bad company)
3. Power tussle, especially over a girlfriend
4. A feeling of insecurity and fear, the desire to look and sound tough, the             inordinate desire to look beyond the ordinary.
5. Ignorance of what is involved in cult membership
6. submission to demonic and satanic influences.


1.  Assurance of protection from peer-group intimidation on campus
2. Examination malpractices without being cautioned by examination invigilators     for fear of the group belonged to by the student.
3. Passing of examination by lecturers for the cultist for fear of reprisals fro the       cult
4. Involvement in sexual escapades with any girl of your choice on campus with       relative ease.
5. Accessibility to the most fashionable clothes in town
6  Assurance to assist, to secure political offices in the students union                     government (S.U.G) or departmental level.

But as a good child from a good home and a product of good parentage, you should be able to know that these are statements of deception to hoodwink you into something detrimental to your aim of being in the university (academics), your spiritual life and thereby bring pain and shame to your family.

So as a fellow Youth, i want to use this opportunity to talk to my readers, i know most of you are students and currently schooling in one of the prestigious universities in Nigeria or any where in the world. 

Know the reason why you are in the university, understand the importance of your safety to your parents who sent you to school as this will not only bring you happiness but also pride for yourself and your parents.

always understand that the only security in this earth is that from God almighty for he alone is the author and finisher of all things. Put your trust in him for all things even your examinations and your dealing with fellow students and i assure you, he will never let you down.

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