Simple Server for Symbian Devices

This post would allow MTN customers using Symbian Phones to surf for free with their sims.

Note if the u're browsing and u found out is not loading..., just resend Fb0 to 131, walahi... U are back on track,, Goto settings, Create new access point Name To Anything you like.

Port:- 8080

Access Point:- choose the access point you created
Local Host:-
Local Port:- 8080

Click On HTTP Query:-
Frontquery:- None
Middle Qury:- None
Back Query:- None
Reverse Query:- None
Inject Query:-
Inject Method:- HEAD
Inject Newline:- \r\n
Inject SplitLINE:- Default

Click on HTTP Header:-
Add/Del/Rep Header 1 :Http
Add/Del/Rep Header 1 :
Add/Del/Rep Header 2 :
Add/Del/Rep Header 2 : none
Add/Del/Rep Header 3 :
Others shuold be : None

Click On server Config:-
Fetch Server:- none
Keep Server:- None
Url Replacer:- None
Advaced Mode:- yes
Tunel Proxy:- No
Https Connection:- yes
Server Buffer:- 1024
Screen size:- Normal
Proxy Host:-
Proxy Port:- 8080

Exit and Open it again, Open your browsers Ucweb Or Opera or 2go, then Connect with the access point you created.

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